The 3rd Asian Pneumococcal Symposium

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the members of the Steering Committee and the Scientific Program Organizing Committee, we warmly welcome you to the 3rd Asian Pneumococcal Symposium in Karuizawa, Japan on 2–3 December 2021. The first symposium was organized by Dr. Moon H. Nahm, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, and Dr. Kyung-Hyo Kim, Ewha Womans University, on 3 November 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. The second symposium was organized by Dr. Jing-Ren Zhang, Tsinghua University, on 19–21 October 2019 in Beijing, China. While pneumococcal conjugate vaccines have been introduced worldwide, we are aware that pneumococcal diseases remain a serious concern in healthy children and adults as well as in individuals at high risk especially in Asian countries.
This symposium is held every two years with the aims of exchanging useful information regarding research on pneumococci, pneumococcal infections and pneumococcal vaccines, and cultivating young scientists from Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan, and the rest of world.
The 3rd Asian Pneumococcal Symposium (2–3 December) will be held simultaneously with the 25th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Vaccinology (3–5 December) in Karuizawa, a famous sightseeing spot only one hour from Tokyo by Hokuriku Shinkansen high-speed train. We have organized a joint session in the afternoon of the second day of the symposium. This joint session includes a session on COVID-19 and the plenary session of the symposium. The Scientific Program Organizing Committee is currently arranging the rest of the program, which will consist of sessions on capsular nomenclature, genetics and genomics of pneumococci, pneumococcus–host interactions, nasopharyngeal carriage, epidemiology of pneumococcal diseases, and novel vaccines. The sessions of the symposium will consist of oral presentations and poster discussions.
This symposium is a rare opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of pneumococci, pneumococcal diseases, and pneumococcal vaccines. The theme of the symposium is the fusion of bacteriology, infectious disease medicine, and vaccinology. By December, we expect that most countries will have introduced effective COVID-19 vaccines, which will allow us to have an exciting, informative symposium.
We are delighted to welcome you to Karuizawa, and look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes,
Kazunori Oishi and Yuki Kinjo
The President of Symposium and Chairman of Scientific Organizing Committee.

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