The 3rd Asian Pneumococcal Symposium


Steps to make your registration

1. Start registration

Click “For REGISTRATION FORM” above.

2. Registration Form

Fill in the registration form completely, and then click “Next”.
If any error messages appear on the screen, please go back to the registration page and fill in again.
If you are a graduate or undergraduate student, please upload your student ID when you register. Please bring it with you and show it when you register on site.

3. Confirmation of the registration form

Check all information again, and then click “Next”.

4. Information of credit card

Fill the necessary information in the credit card payment form.

● Credit Card : Card number / Card holder’s name / expiration date (mm/yy)

Click “Agree” button to complete the payment and your registration.

5. Completion of registration

Your login ID will appear on the screen. Please print out and keep with you the completion page.
(Your registration number will be required for inquiry in case of trouble)

6. The period of payment for the registration fee

Early bird registration: Until November 30, 2021
After November 30, 2021, Registration will be acceptable on the symposium site only.

7. Confirmation by E-mail

To notify the completion of your registration, the secretariat will send you a confirmation by e-mail, when we confirm your payment and registered information. Please bring this confirmation to the registration desk.

  • If you choose “Web”, you will receive an email later with instructions on how to watch the live stream of the presentation.

8. Registration Category Fees (Same for on site and live streaming)

Registration category fees Early bird (JPY)
On site (JPY)
Academic/Company 16,000 18,000
Student 2,000 3,000
  • * You can apply either online or on-site registration.
  • * After November 30 and during the period of the symposium, registration will only be accepted at the conference site, and payment will be accepted only by cash at the Registration Desk.
  • * If you wish to register only for the live stream of the presentation, please complete the registration before November 30.
  • * Those who wish to participate in the 25th Annual meeting of Japanese Society for Vaccinology must register separately on the website (

9. Change / Cancellation and Refund

If there are any changes to your registration information (including address) before November 30, 2021, please click “click here for REGISTRATION FORM” and enter your log in ID and password, and then proceed the changes in your “my page”. No refund can be made in case of cancellation.

10. Certificate of Participation

For those who register on website, please come to the pre-registration desk at the venue to receive your certificate of participation and name card. (Please print out the confirmation email and bring it with you.)
For those who are unable to attend the symposium, we will send an email to your registered address after the conference.
If you are paying the registration fee at the venue of the symposium, please come to the On-site Registration Desk.

11. Receipt

If you have registered on the web, please print out the receipt from the registration form by yourself. If you will registere on site, you will receive the receipt at the Registration Desk.


Secretariat of the 3rd Asian Pneumococcal Symposium
President Office, Toyama Institute of Health
17-1 Nakataikouyama, Imizu city, Toyama 939-0363 Japan
TEL: +81-766-56-5506
FAX: +81-766-56-7326
E-mail: [email protected]

President Office, Toyama Institute of Health
17-1, Nakataikoyama, Imizu City, Toyama
TEL: +81-766-56-5506
FAX: +81-766-56-7326
E-mail: [email protected]